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Music copying and engraving

Music engraving is about imparting critical artistic information upon the reader in a fluid and elegant way. From contemporary graphic scores to traditional homework exercises my promise is to make your music look as good as it can while keeping it intuitive and easy to interpret. I engrave manuscripts, extract orchestral parts, make piano reductions and piano vocal scores, develop graphic notation, proofread drafts, and just about anything else music notation-related. I use a combination of Sibelius and Adobe Illustrator.

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Kunal has advanced engraving skills for avant-garde and experimental scores and is very easy to work with. His work for Either/Or was excellent.
-Richard Carrick
(Composer and director of Either/Or)
Kunal delivered scores and parts of two orchestral works of mine from my very early composition years with such a profound professionalism, attention to detail, knowledge of the subject and speed. My scores never looked better and he even corrected all my 'youth composer’s mistakes'. The fact that himself is a composer made our collaboration easy and creative. I am a very satisfied customer!
-Apostolos Paraskevas
(Composer and Voting Member of the Recording Academy)

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